Reign Research is dedicated to encouraging innovation while helping sponsors and clients achieve their goals. We strive to be as thorough, responsive, and nimble as the needs of the sponsor and project evolves. We promise to enhance an uncompromising commitment to your satisfaction. At Reign Research, we offer a full suite of solutions to our clients form Phase I to Phase IV and Post-marketing, with an emphasis on clinical development of clinical trials. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge to each study, creating a successful managed trial in a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas.

Reign Research provides monitoring services of high quality and value to our clients. Our monitoring principles are founded on excellence, thoroughness, customer service, and ensuring clinical trails are monitored according to regulatory requirements. We have an experienced staff of monitors with experience in multiple therapeutic areas who are available regionally within the United States.


Clinical Monitoring

The monitoring team works closely with the investigative site staff as the client representative to ensure staff are trained, protocol adherence is maintained and data critical to the clinical trial are being collected. 

  • Site Feasibility

  • Site Recruitment and Retention

  • Site Qualification

  • Site Initiation

  • Interim Monitoring

  • Remote and Central Monitoring

  • Unblinded Pharmacy Monitoring

  • Site Closeout

Medical Monitoring

Our medical monitors have both clinical and research experience to provide medical expertise and oversight throughout the entire trial process. We closely monitor the clinical integrity of the trial subjects and provide safety monitoring. 

Reign Research offer the following;

  • Protocol development and consulting

  • therapeutic consulting

  • Provide consultation for potential safety issues or medical concerns

  • Review of SAEs

Clinical Trial Management

Our trial management team is an experienced team of leaders who are very adept at executing today's complex clinical trials. Our trial managers and project teams are responsible for the day-to-day study activities, including:

  • Study planning and implementation

  • Coordination and oversight of project metrics

  • Overall management of the project team

  • Identify and manage project trends and risks

Data Management

We offer a range of data management services to ensure clinical study data is reliable, reproducible and statistically sound by offering the following:

  • Case  Report Form (CRF) design

  • Source Electronic data capture (EDC) system

  • Data reconciliation

  • Data management plans

  • External data import and data transfers (Central labs, PK, etc.