About Reign Research

Reign Research is an African American women-owned clinical research business dedicated to improving the health of individuals in under-served communities. Reign Research is a  fully dedicated, multidisciplinary research business that specializes in phase I through IV clinical trials in various therapeutic areas, focusing on high risk diseases. Our team consists of highly skilled medical professionals with over 25 years in clinical research experience combined. We are passionate about conducting human clinical research trials with the hope of extending life and helping others. At Reign Research we are fully committed to bringing alternative and new medications to the forefront for minorities. We focus on educating individuals on their health risk and informing them of the importance of medical care. Our goal is to eliminate the stigma of participating in clinical trials of minorities while offering medical treatment at no cost to those who would otherwise have no means of medical care. We value our patient volunteers and their contributions to the advancement of medicine.


We oversee and conduct clinical trials for Pharmaceutical/Biotech companies (Sponsor). Individuals volunteer and consent to receive specific interventions designed by the research plan or protocol which is often created by a Sponsor. These interventions may be medications designed to treat a condition or symptom of a disorder or disease. In addition,  we also have the capacity to initiate and conduct Investigator-initiated trials (IIT) as well.Other interventions could include using medical devices or undergoing minor procedures in the office.


Clinical trials have the opportunity to promote changes to the trial participants lifestyle.


Our Team

Artise L. Shannon, MsHAPI, MSHS

Chief Executive Officer and Director, Clinical Operations

Artise has over 25 years of clinical operations experience focused primarily on clinical trial management. At Reign Research, Artise is responsible for leading Reign Research business  and clinical operations as well as  growing its brand and geographic reach. She plays an instrumental role in designing and implementing a vision and strategic direction for the company. She has made significant contributions to nearly one hundred studies spanning broad therapeutics and phases of development and has also played an integral role in supporting numerous FDA approvals. 

Tonya Thomas

Chief Financial Officer, Business Development

Tonya has been with Reign Research since its inception. She brings over 15 years of transaction experience, of which over a decade has been devoted to the practice of business development and portfolio development within the banking industry. Since joining Reign Research, Tonya has played and instrumental role in developing the company. She brings with her a unique vision that places the needs of each client at the top of our business goals; hence, good and proper business development lends itself to a strong foundation for dynamic and comprehensive solutions.